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Under My Skin For Life is a charity organiztion for those in need in honor of Ramon M. Rodriguez. This family founded not for profit organization is very near and dear to all of our hearts. We are staffed and supported by volunteers that have hearts of gold and a great passion to help others. We are building the future of the foundation one step at a time, placing each stone in it's place carefully. In the hope that one day we will have been successful at achieving each of our goals, that we will have championed the causes that drive us each day.

About Ramon m. Rodriguez: he was diagnosed with cancer(Lymphoma) in 2005. Since then he has undergone three intensive rounds of chemo-therapy an is currently in remission..he is the father of three children..Richard,Tattoo Tony and Gina Rodriguez..The grandfather to eight and great grandfather to 1.

It's our families and friends passion to help raise funds, awareness and support for others affected by diseases and disorders. Ray has always taught others to be compassionate and help those in need with what we have been blessed with, no matter how big or how small. As quoted by Ray "we should always try to take a step in the other persons shoes before we think we know everything about them..."

As we build the charity organization, we are attempting to carefully add one piece at a time. In June of 2012, one of the great grandchildren was diagnosed with autism. It came a tremendous shock as we began to find out how very little resources and help was available to the individuals with autism and there families. Autism is the great unknown no one knows why or how it happens. It is totally unique to each individual that is affected. we are privileged to be able to love such a child and hope to educate others and support the research that is so much needed in this area of life.

In each need that we have we have been able to meet, another comes in its place. Individuals that are hungry, homeless or poor, Children in need of toys, clothing, food, elderly that are in need of help. There is an abundant amount of requests to help those that can not help themselves. We have volunteers in many states that work hard locally to ease the needs of the community.

 The board of directors for the Under My Skin For Life Foundation is made up of legal professionals, artists and human service professionals. Our volunteers are from all walks of life and are dedicated to help meet the needs of others.

U.M.S.F.L Is in no way, shape or form a "Motorcycle Club". We are a group of volunteers, family and friends who have a passion for tattoos and the tattoo lifestyle who want to do great things to help those in need within our communities.

Approved for distribution by U.M.S.F.L Board of Directors, August 2014